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Welcome to our Website and thank you for visiting. I can’t tell you that when you step through our doors you will find everything just the way you saw it here. That’s because every day we try new things. We put on different specials every day. The ones that really hit the mark we repeat, the other ones we just put away and pretend they never happened. On the day when I am writing this for instance, we served in addition to our regular menu Cordon Bleu with green beans amandine and rice pilaf and the soup of the day was Pasta Fazool. Tomorrow, who knows? Yesterday it was Fajitas.

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that this Web thing is pretty nifty but the real thing is better. Why don’t you stop by one of these days and see for yourself.  We look forward to serving you one of our daily specials or whatever else looks appealing to you.