About Us

After years and years in the hospitality field in countries all over the world and in cities all over the USA working for companies like Hyatt and Four Seasons Hotel we decided to return to the area we always considered our “home”. No more packing up every two or three years and moving across country and oceans, instead we would open our own business right here.

We started with a very simple idea:

Food does not have to be expensive to be tasty nor does it have to be in tiny portions to be affordable.

Come to think of it, aren’t those tiny portions usually even more expensive?! I guess it all depends on the pedigree.

Most of the hotels and restaurants we had been associated with charged fairly high prices for mostly very good food and drink. Prices had to be high because there were always expensive infrastructures to pay for and large staffs to accommodate all the various functions such places exercise on behalf of their customers; not to mention the layers of management required to make it all work.

We don’t have an expensive infrastructure, just a comfortable little dining room and an even smaller private dining room. We don’t have a large staff and the only layers we have would be in the Lasagna or the Mille-Feuilles and the Croissants.

So, we set out to make good use of good quality ingredients to serve our customers good portions of very good food. Food so good that most restaurants would be proud to serve it if only they could afford to do so at prices comparable to ours.

We’ll have to leave it up to you to decide if we have achieved what we set out to do.